Job Opportunities

Senior Officer -Corporate Strategist (1 Position)

Job Description :

Assist upon development of Vision 2025 project including monitoring/tracking proper executions of the end-game initiatives. Also included are conduct of strategic review (TBA), ad-hoc strategy related studies, and participate upon development of other sub-strategy topics such as Enterprise Risk Management exercises.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:
1. Assist upon development of Vision 2025 project including layout foundation for strategic planning and implementation processes
2. Working closely with strategic rep from each work units and consultant, on developing 5-year financial projections and linkage to KPI
3. Help upon communications of new strategic plan to overall organization
4. Working with all units on monitoring/tracking plan for strategic plan implementation process through monthly BSC meeting
5. Other strategy related assignment (ad-hoc) such as new market study, new mega trends
6. Assist upon Enterprise Risk Management exercise (based on COSO guideline)

Qualification :

1. Minimum of Bachelor degree in any of the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration
2. Minimum of 2 years of experience in strategy works. Possess thorough understanding of strategy concept, Finance. Some training backgrounds in Strategy is preferred
3. Fluent in multiple languages: Thai and English
4. Must have some computer and MS Office backgrounds. Great PPT and presentation skills