Job Opportunities

Supervisor -Technical Service (China) (1 Position)

Job Description :

1. Master the professional knowledge of the companys products, and provide professional knowledge training for customers.
2. Understand the industry, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and the company.
3. Responsible for the daily management and coordination of technology, test, quality, test and data.
4. Responsible for the after-sale return visit service, have the ability to solve problems, when encountering difficulties and problems, can accurately analyze and judge the problems, through a variety of ways and methods to solve various technical problems in the operation of the company, maintain the image and reputation of the company.
5. Maintain the interests of the company, be serious and responsible, give strong support to business personnel and provide technical support.
6. Provide technical guidance to customers.
7. Complete temporary tasks assigned by superiors.

Qualification :

? Bachelor degree or above in chemistry or chemistry technology background
? minimum 3 years with related work experience in asphalt industry.
Other qualification
? Familiar with asphalt test procedures, asphalt mixture experience is preferred.
? Need to go out to work frequently, such as mixing station, construction site, etc.
? Good at communicating with all kinds of personality people, good at communication.
? Resourceful, responsible, warm to people, good team spirit.
? High sense of responsibility and customer service consciousness, strong affinity and patience.
? Familiar with computer operation.
? Good English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.