Job Opportunities

Manager -Technical (China) (1 Position)

Job Description :

To manage and supervise the Technical Department (including all QC laboratories of TIPCO ASPHALT CHINA) to carry out the duties and responsibilities that include quality management, customer service and product development of TIPCO CHINA in coordination with the Sales and Marketing Department and other supporting departments

1. Quality & Laboratory Management
- To train, audit, monitor, manage and lead the Laboratories with a close control of procedures for quality control of all products as listed below:
    - Penetration grade bitumen
   - Polymer Modified Bitumen,
   - Bitumen emulsions,
   - Cold mix asphalts,
   - Industrial bitumen and other specialty bituminous product
- To ensure that TIPCO CHINA operations are performed in compliance with the quality procedure and standards applied by the Company.
- To create (if required), implement and maintain quality procedures for every laboratory, bitumen terminals and manufacturing plants of the Company. 
  To work with the procurement department and BOM to select the most suitable suppliers related to the distribution and manufacture of the products mentioned above
- To send activity reports to BOM and Regional Technical Manager on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly)
- To arrange and facilitate validation/approval of all the products mentioned above (i.e external testing, official approval, permits to the supply of bituminous products etc) with external entities (consultant, project owners, external laboratories, Public authorities)
- To communicate and collaborate with operation and sales departments in case of quality issues and implement corrective actions related to those issues.
- To manage the annual budget and expenses of all the laboratories and ensure strict follow up of budgeted expenses.
- Ensure that all the laboratories are operating following Company HSE Policy.
- To perform regular HSE audits in each laboratory.

2. Site support, Troubleshooting and Process optimization
 - To establish a technical assistance Agreement and Quality assurance plan with customers. 
 - To provide technical support & guidance to customers to ensure a proper use of our products (handling, storage, safety, efficiency, quality)
 - To establish Technical Data sheets for every product mentioned above.
Keep abreast of and keep the customers informed on developments affecting bituminous products (bitumen, emulsion etc). 
 - To be a reliable support for customers/distributors to solve their technical problems, enquiries and quality complaints related to the Company’s products in coordination with the Sales and Business Development Department and other supporting departments.
 - To Visit customers on a regular basis with stronger focus on those with whom potential developments could be possible (new products). To Brief the General Director of those customers who are receptive to or may become receptive to the new products. 
 - To find new technical alternatives that allows reducing manufacturing costs and/or efficiency through the optimization of industrial processes and product formulations.

3. Product Development

With the support of the Regional Technical Manager:
1. To act as a focal point between the Group R&D division and the Company in order to bring new technologies in the country and adapt them (if needed) to the local environment (Specifications, local restrictions, etc)
2. Gather information from Road authorities, contractors, project owners, technical institutions on market trends and detect opportunities for the company to propose new techniques.
3. Perform detailed market analysis that consists in:
- Evaluate the need of the market vs Group’s portfolio and offer
- Determine the positioning (quality, price) of the new Company’s products vs current offers from the competitors for a successful market entry
- Forecast potential volumes through a 3 years plan and determine the contribution of each new product on the Company’s results (Margin contribution)
4. Conduct Seminars & Workshops with Key customers and Authorities on new techniques and solutions developped by the Group.

Internal Management
1. Be responsible for monitoring, managing and supervising staffs within the Technical Department of TIPCO CHINA including assigning job, supervising, coaching, and training the staffs.
Other tasks:
1. To implement other works within the powers as authorized by the Management.
2. Feasibility study (Technical, operational and commercial)
- Identify all the needs required to successfully manufacture and develop each product vs current Company’s readiness.
- Identify technical & operational challenges related to the manufacture of each product.
- Provide a detailed risk assessment (HSE, operational, technical)

3. Implementation of Trials with selected contractors
- Identify reliable partners for the implementation of new company’s products.
- Organize trials.
- Ensure the success of the trial (detailed preliminary survey, risk analysis, training of the contractor, road/industrial equipment readiness, pre-trials, etc).

4. Product approvals
- Ensure the product approval from related parties (Consultant, road authorities, project owners, third party laboratories etc).

5. Technical training to sales teams
- Provide a technical training for each new product that is about to be launched on the market.

6. Marketing tools
- Design and Establish technical data sheets, commercial brochures, application guides for each new product.

7. Responsible for preparing and updating the Technology rules - Documentation of technological processes.
8. Communication with the technical director the Group, cross border cooperation within R&D Divisions, participation in the "Technical Meetings.

Qualification :

1. Bachelor’s degree (or Higher) in Civil, Materials or Chemical Engineering fields
2. Minimum Professional Experience of 5 years in similar position is required.
3. Chinese Language is mandatory. Comfortable in English.
4. Customer Oriented, Open minded and able to work at Construction/Industrial sites
5. High Mobility (across Country and overseas for business Trips)
6. Specific interest and commitment to road construction techniques, asphalt, asphalt mixture, cement concrete and earthworks
7. Excellent Computer skills (MS Pack Office Applications)
8. Strategic and analytical thinking
9. Excellent Organizational and communication skills